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4 csatornás videóbementes kártya biztonsági kamerához, vagy egyéb más felhasználáshoz

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This Colour Quad Processor is a high resolution high performance processor splitter allows you to display up to 4 cameras on one single screen. Output to TV, security monitor or VCR and display full or quad screen.
It is easy to install and use the processor. Simply plug in the video feeds and plug in the output and you are all set to monitor. Works with any TV/VCR or security monitors.
It is ideal for use in shops or offices, homes or warehouses where four cameras are required in monitoring simultaneously in a quad split screen.

* 4-Channel in 1 card, audio and video real-time synchronous
* Provide 16-channel recording, one computer system supports 4 cards
* Support multi-level PTZ control through LAN/WAN
* File Compression mode : MPEG-4
* File Size : 120-150M/hr
* Multi recording mode : time schedules recording, real-time recording and alarm recording
* Able to connect 16-channel normal alarm annunciator
* Auto-linkage alarm recording once alarm sensor triggers
* Able to perform selective playback modes according to recording time
* Support recording and playback real-time synchronous
* PC Requirement : PIII500 / 128M / 40 G (Minimum Requirement) or above
* Software Supports : Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XPModel

Refresh Rate25 Frames/Sec30 Frames/ Sec
Number of channels4
Dimension148mm x 100mm x 23mm

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